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Wow. I haven't made an icon post in a long time. Huh. Anyway, I bring you the usual assorted bases, this time featuring lots of rowing (single scull! ♥), ICANHASCHEEZBURGER, Pride and Prejudice (2005), and some Casablanca. Please excuse idiotic icon names such as "Darcy, God of Sex" and "Bulb of Gods." *facepalm*


didn't we promise we would only be friends?Collapse )

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It is that season again, and thus... Icons. I give you assorted movies, music, PostSecret cards, and random text icons. Also a couple of old ones, slightly remastered. Enjoy.


K.)i went right to it flooded-the-carburetor cranked herCollapse )

Mmm, bases. I bring you James Franco, PostSecret, CD covers, and more. As usual, modify to your heart's content, don't hotlink, and please comment. ♥


here's looking at you, kidCollapse )

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ahoy matey
Posted by sawdust_dream on 2007.05.09 at 13:49
Mood: soreheadachey
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As I am sick today and consequently have nothing better to do than study for my impending AP Chemistry exam, I bring you icons of Eleven Important Dudes of Chemistry! [Extra points if you can recognize them.]

periodic trendsCollapse )

Absolutely no need to do anything with these icons. Merely something to entertain myself with in my feverish haze. Or something.


qué pesado

Posted by anticface on 2007.05.07 at 14:13
Music: 50 palabras, 60 palabras o 100 - Mecano
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Hallo, mein Freunden! I bring you 50 icons and bases of various things. We've got Firefly, James Franco, the latest from ~Bazmaroo, Calvin & Hobbes, and a bit more on the side. Take, use, these are your icons.


puede ser que la vida me guíe hasta el solCollapse )

Calvin and Hobbes! Camels! Dinosaurs! Violins! More random things! Yay!


soy la cocinera de tus mejores platosCollapse )

[Ohgod I should do something useful.]
Anyway, part 2 of Teh Icon Transfer Of Doom from _nocredit...

Bases and a few text icons, 47 total.

Sur le pont d'Avignon...Collapse )

Feel free to customize.
I love comments ♥
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ready to launch

Posted by anticface on 2007.05.06 at 15:21
Music: Ein Elefant für dich - Wir sind Helden
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Well, I'm kicking off my icon posting binge with all my previous posts from _nocredit & pretty much all the icons I've made to date, plus a banner to pimp us with. Enjoy.

Teaser is the banner of my and sawdust_dream's icons that I just made! Pimp us.

Überschallgeschwindigkeitsflugzeug!Collapse )

So anticface and I have previously posted our icons over at _nocredit, but we've decided to bring them over here. Here is part 1 of my previous icon posts -


Guys! This is not socially optimal!Collapse )

Feel free to modify. As usual, comment don't credit don't hotlink blah blah blah ♥

ahoy matey

ooer, another community

Posted by sawdust_dream on 2007.05.06 at 14:04
Music: ai du - ali farka touré
Welcome to icon²!
anticface and I got together to make an icon community for ourselves. We're, um, not experts, but we still like making icons.

Credit is not necessary for our icons, but comments are always loved.
No hotlinking, but that should be obvious.

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